General Physician & Preventative Health

Our General Physician clinic diagnoses and treats acute and chronic health conditions among the adult and pediatric populations. We approach our diagnostics in a holistic manner; taking into account biological, psychological, psycho social and environmental factors. We diagnose and treat several conditions including but not limited to:

  • Ear, Nose and Throat conditions
  • Diabetes and Chronic Disease Management
  • ECG and Heart Activity
  • Cardiovascular Disease Management
  • Blood Pressure Treatment and Management
  • Wound Treatments
  • Preventative Health Screenings
  • Annual Health Screenings

Our Preventative Health clinic offers a comprehensive series of screenings to ensure prevention and timely intervention. Combined with health counselling and a commitment to raising patient awareness, our team strives to improve patients’ overall well being, with a key focus on daily lifestyle factors.

Preventative Health Screening

Our comprehensive Preventative Health Screening is designed to test the prevalence and potentially prevent the onset of several common health conditions. Suitable for all ages, we especially recommend an annual general health check up for individuals over the age of 25.


Cancer Screening Test

A comprehensive series of pathological examinations, the Cancer Screening Test allows for prevention, early detection and diagnosis, often leading to further investigations if cause for concern is determined. Timely diagnosis and intervention for various cancers can often be the difference between a successful outcome or otherwise. Recommended especially for patients who have a history of cancer in their families or may be at risk due to lifestyle factors; the Cancer Screening tool is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s times.

Comprehensive Health Screening

This screening combines both the Preventative Health and Cancer Screening packages to bring you over 40 tests which will screen you across key medical parameters. Suitable for all individuals, particularly those with a history of family or individual illness.